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Turn VisualSonic into your personal

Virtual Video on wall 


by VisualSonic


 Use our AR apps to turn VisualSonic into your personal Virtual Video on wall. 


Experience AR pop-up video


Hong Kong night view 


 VisualSonicAR app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Try the latest Augmented Reality technology infotainment experience. 

play store.png

 How to use your own mobile content to create your own AR pop-up 

 Create your own AR pop up PICTURE 

 Create your own AR pop up AUDIO 

 Create your own AR pop up VIDEO 

 How to view my AR pop up 

 How to interact with your fans or customers with our AR WORLD platform 

 Our AR WORLD platform provides you with a new way of interactive marketing with your target audiences. You can explain to your audiences more easily what meanings lie underneath your art through this new digital fun way.  

 How to view AR WORLD 

 Contact us for the new digital marketing via our AR world advertisement. 

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