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How does the speaker work?

Using our Patented Sound Technology, our VisualSonic Artwork Speaker use the hollow space behind the canvas to conceal vibration speakers. These speakers don’t produce sound on their own but transfer vibrations to a resonance panel and the artwork to produce high fidelity sound.


How is the speaker powered?

The VisualSonic Artwork Speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery which can be charged using the supplied microUSB cable.

How long does it take to charge?

A full charge takes just 3 - 5 hours and provides up to 25 hours of continuous playback.

Can I take the speaker outside?

Yes. Your VisualSonic Artwork Speaker is portable as it weighs just 2kgs.

Please note that the unit is not waterproof so will be damaged by any rain so please remember to keep it under cover.

What is True Wireless Stereo?

True Wireless Stereo is the latest innovation in Bluetooth technology. These high quality wireless speakers present a great solution for everyone who is tired of listening to poor quality flat sounds when using ordinary Bluetooth speakers.

Applying True Wireless Stereo connection, the main speaker is connected with a smartphone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth device, then this main speaker will connect to the slave speaker via the Bluetooth TWS connection which allows two speakers to sync any music at the same time. 

What is Bluetooth range?

From device to speaker via Bluetooth connection is 20m, from speaker to speaker via TWS connection is 10m.

Can I connect more than 1 speaker?

Yes. All our speakers are built with the latest Bluetooth Technology version 4.2, you can connect 2 speakers together by using TWS function. Each speaker can pair to one device, but only one device can playback at a time. If the second device wanted to playback, then the first device needed to be paused or stopped playing.

How do I connect to my VisualSonic Artwork Speaker?

You can connect with any Bluetooth device, whether it's your smart phone, laptop or tablet by simply pairing the device.

Do you support Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music?

Your VisualSonic Artwork Speaker uses Bluetooth connectivity so anything that you can listen to on your device can be streamed to your VisualSonic Artwork Speaker.

What can I stream?

You can stream any sound to your VisualSonic Artwork Speaker which you would normally be able to hear from your phone, laptop or Bluetooth device.

How do I adjust the volume?

You can control the volume directly from your device. 

How do I hang on the wall?

The unit comes with pre-fitted picture fittings and you would hang it just like you would hang any other piece of art. The corners also have bumpers to protect both the unit and your wall.


Can I leave it on a shelf?

You can leave the unit leaned against any wall, on a shelf or on the floor.


How long until I receive my order?

Depends which country you located, the standard delivery will be around  7-10 business days.

I haven't received my order?

You will be required to sign for your delivery. If you are not in, our delivery partners will either leave you a note or leave the package with a neighbor. Please check the details on the card and contact the delivery partner to rearrange the delivery or arrange a pick up

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