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The appreciation of the beauty of sound is an essential trait of the human being. We build innovative products with new technologies to explore new sound experiences that allow us to see, to feel, and to live through the intelligence of sound.  

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VisualSonic Audit-Tech Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Oasis Limited.


DigitalOasis is a Hong Kong-based tech-company that specializes in the design, innovation, and manufacturing of consumer electronic gadgets. Founded in 2015 by Stephen Lam and a team of experienced designers & engineers, DigitalOasis interprets new creative trends in consumer electronics and innovates to find new ways of interaction between humanity and machines.

Products are getting more complex, yet users are expecting more simplicity, thus, we focus not only on cosmetic designs but also on technical solutions, finding new ways for humanity to interact with technology.

We aim to improve your standard of living through the innovation of new technologies. 

Our design philosophy is characterized by:    

Our specialized technologies included: 

We are designers & engineers; inventors & dreamers, experienced in designing and innovation, aiming to advance and improve the quality of modern living.

Welcome to join our Digital Oasis.

  • Creativity in the simple design

  • Refinement in materials

  • Innovation in technology

  • Surface Resonance Sound Technology

  • Conduction Sound Technology

  • SmartHome 5G+ Sound System

  • Low Power Multiple Wireless Connectivity System

  • Automatic Noise Cancellation System

  • Augmented Reality ( AR ) Integration

  • Voice Assistant Server

Stephen Lam
Founder & CEO
Product Creator
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DigitalOasis is a Cyberport fund supported company. Cyberport is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government, aiming to support local Hi-Tech companies.

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Technologies are getting more complex, yet users are expecting more simplicity. We build products creating new ways for humanity to interact with technologies.

Our dedicated customer support center is tailored to provide full information and services for you to enjoy our products.

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